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If you need a creative, musical and great sounding drum kit performance, Michael is a professional drummer and has experienced many genres to draw inspiration from.


A combination of vintage and modern drum kits, cymbals and snares are available to match the sound that you envision for your recording. Lessons on drum kit are also available for all standards.

Drum Equipment Available to Track:

Yamaha Club Custom Kit. Sizes: 22, 14 snare, 12, 16.

1962 Ludwig Downbeat Kit. Sizes: 20, 14 snare, 12, 14.

North Custom Kit, New Yorker. Sizes: 22, 14 snare, 12, 14

DW Bronze 14x6 snare.

Yamaha Copper Noveau snare 14x5.5

70's Zildjian A 22" Ride

70's Zildjian A 14" Hi Hats

Zildjian K Custom Special Dry 21" Ride

Zildjian K Custom Special Dry 16" Crash

Zildjian K Constantinople 21" Ride

Bosphorus New Orleans Series 15" Hi Hats

Bosphorus New Orleans Series 18" Crash

Bosphorus New Orleans Series 22" Ride

20's Ludwig Concert Bass Drum. 28x13

Contact Michael at Yodelay Records here for further information. Check out some samples of Michael's work here.