Mastering Services



Using the final stereo mix or stems, Michael will diligently put the final gloss on your art. Having a vision for the kind of finished product you are seeking is important as it influences the mastering approach taken and the signal path of plugins and outboard gear that is required. Having some reference recordings that you like and an idea of what mediums and devices listeners will be accessing your recording on is helpful in achieving your desired outcome. A tape machine is also available for that unique, saturated tape sound.

Michael uses a combination of quality plugins and analogue outboard gear to complete a master. Adding clean fade ins/outs of each track and preparing the session for the desired format is also part of the process.


Outboard Mastering Equipment:

Safe Sound Audio Stereo Toolbox.

AEA RPQ 500 Pre's

Urei Model 530 EQ.

Ampex ATR-700 two track tape machine.

Contact Michael at Yodelay Records here for further information. Check out some samples of Michael's work here.