Mixing Services



Have the experienced ear of Michael Di Cecco weave a cohesive sound for you. Using the Logic X DAW, you can send individual audio files or stems to mix. With a full frequency range monitoring setup that extends below and well above the normal range of human hearing, featuring JBL subs and the famously crystal clear Adam ribbon tweeters, no sound will remain hidden. Michael has experience creating a wide range of production styles from minimal, raw jazz or folk, to highly produced pop.

Michael has been using the Logic X DAW to produce and record music for over 10 years. He has a efficient and hassle free work flow that won't get in the way of the creative process.

As a drummer, Michael has performed across a vast range of styles in his career. This stylistic knowledge flows into the way he mixes an artist, giving a nod to the stylistic conventions, whilst simultaneously looking for something unique to bring to the forefront.


Michael likes to retain the song's natural dynamics and create a coherent sense of the music being present in a space.

The studio features some great pre-amps, classic compressors and microphones. Michael even has a Ampex two track tape machine for those wanting to achieve a sound reminiscent of yesteryear.

Contact Michael at Yodelay Records here for further information. Check out some samples of Michael's work here.