Recording Packages



Whether you are thinking of recording a single, EP or album, Yodelay has a package that will suit you. With a variety of recording styles made possible by the spaces available, you will capture the sound you are searching for. Yodelay Studio has a dry room/vocal booth, a drum room and a good size live space. You are welcome to arrange a visit to inspect the space.

Day Package
  • Use the space and gear how ever you see fit for an 8hr day.

  • Ideal for tracking drums and vocals over existing songs, Mixing and Mastering.

  • Includes Michael Di Cecco's services for the day or BYO engineer.

  • $400/Day or $150 if BYO engineer.

EP Package
  • 2 days

  • Record 4-5 songs (1 Day)

  • Editing/fixing/overdubs (3 Hrs)

  • Mixing (approx 5hrs)

  • Master


Demo Package
  • 1 day

  • Record 3-4 songs live (5 hrs)

  • Mixing (3hrs)

  • Quick Master

  • $500

EP Deluxe Package
  • 4 days

  • Record 5-7 songs (2 days)

  • Editing/fixing/overdubs (1 Day)

  • Mixing (1 Day)

  • Master


Please Note:


  • Additional recording or mixing will be charged at $40/Hour.

  • The number of songs recorded and time spent on each production phase as quoted in each package, is merely a guide, not a guarantee. You may achieve more or less depending on your level of preparedness.

  • If you wish to produce an album, please call or email directly as these projects are often more involved and require a customised quote.

Contact Michael at Yodelay Records here to discuss your project. Check out some samples of Michael's work here.